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picture-6Oil and Gas Production Projects

One of CAVU’s competitive advantages is its access to top shelf deal flow for projects in areas where major established companies have spent the millions of dollars to take the risk out of finding and proving up an area. Some of our current projects that demonstrate this are the following:

  • 6,500 Acre Project in Northern Montana
  • 1,600 Acre Project in Big Horn Montana
  • 900 Acre Project in Nowata County, OK
  • 160 Acre Project in Garfield County, OK
  • 3,140 Acre Project in Nowata County, OK
  • 190 Acre Project in Garvin County, OK
  • 65 miles of pipeline in Nowata County, OK
  • 0ver well locations with 25 reworked and producing both natural gas and oil
  • Recently upgrade production and storage facilities in Garvin County, OK
  • Recently approved 50,000 barrel a day commercial disposal well in Garvin County, OK
  • Drilling Services

    CAVU owns two drilling rigs and the associated heavy support equipment. The first rig (at right) is rated to 4,500’.  The second rig is an air rig that is rated to 2,000’.. CAVU has access to seasoned drilling crews both to work its own leases and to lease drilling services on a contract basis.

    To receive information about our drilling services, please click here.

    Alternative Energy Projects

    The main ‘wind corridor’ in the United States is a 1,200 mile area that runs from Wyoming through Colorado and Kansas into Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. In this corridor, wind farm developers include Cielo Energy, Florida Power and Light, Third Planet, Seawest, National Wind, John Deere Wind and others. These are the companies that are now most actively contracting with Landmen/Land Agents to buy up the rights to develop surface projects and leases within this trend. CAVU has identified four potential Wind Farm locations and is working to negotiate the right to purchase wind energy leases.

    In December 2007, the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office (CGE) presented to Governor Bill Ritter a 70 page Report outlining all studies of renewable energy within the state. This report identifies areas defined as generation development area (GDA), and CAVU is working to secure leases within these GDA’s where it has been independently verified that there is sufficient wind generation to sustain a wind farm. These areas range in potential generation from 2 Gigawatt (GW) of power to 45 GW.

    CAVU has secured a 10,000 acre option on a tested and approved wind farm in Northern Colorado. The company is also negotiating possible joint ventures with developer and manufacturer of wind energy systems.

    Security Systems

    Oil field security is growing business segment with renewed security threats to oil and gas fields around the world. With volatile prices, and difficult economic times, the theft of product and equipment has opened a new revenue opportunity for CAVU’s client base. CAVU has recently developed a security tower utilizing products currently in use by security professionals in government, critical infrastructure, transportation and other security environments. CAVU has installed some of their R and D technology on the GARVIN County Lease. This has given CAVU access to proven, night vision technology, motion sensor and GPS monitoring security technology. CAVU’s systems will provide long-range night vision solution that captures detailed, natural contrast images in zero light at ranges of up to 3,000 meters, even in foul weather and through tinted glass. Delivered via our proprietary camera and hardware system, CAVU’s security technology is ideal for perimeter security in oil security, government, transportation, critical infrastructure and other security environments.

    Energy Trading

    CAVU has recently set up operations in Seattle, Washington for fuel and crude oil trading and has secured several suppliers for crude oil, D-2 and JP 54 fuel supplies. Representatives looking for multi ton purchases of these products have approached CAVU, with multiple transactions currently under negotiation.

    Possible Future Business Units

    The company is currently exploring additional opportunities in environmental services that include oil field clean up, disaster clean up, hazardous transportation, emergency response, and solar farms.

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